The World is coming to Gozo.

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Written by GozoFilmClub
Saturday, 09 October 2010 07:58

"So what's at the cinema this week-end?"
"Some American movie, you know: explosions, lots of shooting, a lousy story and plenty techie effects."
"Yep, again. How thrilling."
"At least it's not the remake of teenie movie which was already bad to start with."
"You are wrong there ... it is a actually a remake of a Shakespeare play but pimped up and on steroids."

"When I lived abroad I used to go to this cinema that projected all independent film. Fantastic movies from all over the world.
That's where is saw Amelie, City of God, The Sea inside and Goodbye Lenin."
"There was a similar cinema even in my area. It was called Harmonie and it had all the best European movies."

"I heard there is something similar in Valletta, in Malta."
"Yeah, but one cannot go to Valletta just to watch a movie."
"It would be nice to have something similar in Gozo."
"Maybe every second week."
"On a Thursday ... there is never anything going on on a Thrusday."
"Yes, that would be nice!"

We have moved forward from that and now ... It's happening! Finally the World cinema is coming to Gozo.

The Gozo Film Club, a group created by a handful of friends living in Gozo, decided it was time for Gozo to taste what the world of cinema has to offer.
"We exist as an alternative to mainstream Hollywood movies" as there is so much more and better coming from the rest of the world.

Thanks to the help of some foreign Embassies and Cultural Centres we are finally able to bring to our little island some of the fantastic movies that World has to offer.

All movies will be projected in their original language with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. A great way to improve your language skills.

If you feel uncomfortable at the idea of having to read during a movie, give it a try anyway, you will soon forget you that are reading and will be enjoying some fantastic story. Who knows, you might end up learning some new interesting foreign word.
You never know when it might come in handy.

There is NO ENTRANCE FEE. Just enjoy the movies.

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